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I love Jesus, My husband of 17 years and my 3 kids, Shay-15, Jonathan Jr.-14, Logan-11


Cat Bonar has been married for 16 years to Jonathan Bonar, She has 3 amazing kids; Shaylyn Grace, Jonathan II and Logan Philip. Her husband was diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 colon cancer in 2009. Her life came to a screeching halt with her husbands diagnosis and found herself in on a journey that she never imagined she would would be walking. Now, in 2016 she is running a medical billing company helping people, across the country, access their medical benefits to cover medical expenses for medical conditions, she is raising her 3 kids, care-giving for her cancer surviving husband and also serving alongside him as he pastor's at one of the largest multi-site/mega churches in the country. She find herself felling overwhelmed with life at times and daily reminds herself to keep her focus on God as she walks through the storms in this life. Cat refuses to let this life discourage her or steal her joy. She is a fighter and desires to CHOOSE joy no matter what and use her storms in this life as lessons in the path that God has chosen for her to walk.