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Julie Gorman

Cat, What a beautiful and yet challenging reminder! Thanks for sharing! Love you my friend.

Charlene Hatton

Sister, you are so beautiful. Thank you for this article and post. I read your first one and that was really good too. But this one Jesus used to really hit me between the eyes. Thank you... Thank you... Thank you... sometimes it is so hard to remember when we are being treated unjust and rude - that we still may be the only JESUS some people may ever see.. it may not be that cashier -- it could be the next customer in line - who will be the visitor at church whose spouse walked out on them & they'll remember you and how gracious you were - esp when and if they ever know your story... I always remember what my momma told me... Honey you are like a stained glass window - your true beauty can only been seen in the darkest of night - when the light of Jesus is shining through you from the inside out. Keep shining Cat.. both you & Jonathan are magnifying the beauty of the Lord.. & such an example too so many. blessings ~

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